Friday, July 1, 2011

summer 2011

We have some news! first off, we are taking the summer off from live shows. However we will be busy recording 2 albums and releasing the 2009 demo remastered for a new incarnation as a EP embracing the vinyl format! on the Volatile Rock Label , and will be available this fall.

There is a web store, and we have a a new release of the 2011 demo on cassette limited to 200 and hand numbered. there moving fast.

We had one heck of a tour spring tour. With all the work going into organizing such a trek we seemed to have neglected positing anything about it here on the web. It was our first time out as a 4 piece 2 guitar players- Andrew Stromstad and Andrew James Costa- As well as the backing synth tracks, rounding out the live sound more. The tour was mostly focused in the Midwest and the South. we had the opportunity to play shows with great bands such as Thou, Northless,Fight Amp, Black September and Wolvserpent. To name a few. We want to thank every one who came out, drove from the middle of no where to see us play, blogged about us, helped with putting us up for the night, or helping us find a last minute show. We are grateful!

Most importantly we would like to announce co founding member Matt Brim has rejoined Megaton Leviathan on drums! it has been a joy to work with him again, and we will be re-tracking Water Wealth Hell on earth and the album version of Repeating Patterns of Love with him on drums. The band has decided to at this point continue live as a two piece with Andrew James Costa on Guitar and Chris Beug on bass, playing select and local shows with Matt Brim.
The idea is to transcend the realm of preforming as "rock band" but instead focusing on the artistic element of the project and being more of a audio visual art installation.

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